This is a list of books containing information and stories about the Elliots and the area of the Scottish Borders area where they lived and still live. Two maps lower down this page show firstly the area of Scotland where Elliot lands were located in about 1600 and secondly some detail of that area (Hermitage Castle, villages, towers, and present towns). Better copies of the maps will be available soon. Several of the old books, being out of copyright in the USA, are available in PDF format from the Internet Archive website.

  • The Elliots: The Story of a Border Clan - The Dowager Lady Eliott of Stobs and Sir Arthur Eliott 11th Baronet of Stobs, 2 editions (1974 and 1995), self-published. This has two main sections: clan history and a genealogical history.
  • The Elliots: The Story of a Border Clan - Arthur Eliott, 1986, The Elliot Clan Society. This is mainly a reprint of the first part of the above book.
  • The Elliots - Archie McKerracher, 1997. The origins of the family Elliot and their place in Scotland's history.
  • A History of the Border Counties: Roxburgh, Selkirk & Peebles - Sir George Douglas, Bart., 1899, pages 113 on, plus references on pages 418 (Sir Gilbert Elliot) and 419 (Lady Jane Elliot).
  • The Border or Riding Clans - B. Homer Dickson, 1899. The Elliots are mentioned in various places, including pages 7, 9, 41, 84, 89 and 98.
  • The Steel Bonnets: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers - George MacDonald Fraser, 1971. Elliots are mentioned throughout the book, starting on page 2.
  • Border Raids and Reivers - Robert Borland, 1898.
  • The Reivers: The Story of the Border Reivers - Alistair Moffat.
  • The Trustworthiness of Border Ballads - Fitzwilliam Elliot, c1906. Elliots are mentioned in numerous places throughout the book, which consists of four papers, one of which is "Little Jock Elliot - Is This a Genuine Old Ballad?" Another paper is about the ballad called Jamie Telfer in the Fair Dodhead, in which Gibbie Elliot of Stobs plays a major part. The book contains the texts of both ballads, plus information about, and the text of, the poem Flowers of the Forest, written by Jean Elliot.
  • Border Elliots and the Family of Minto - The Hon. George Elliot, 1897. I have not viewed this book, but it is mentioned in The Trustworthiness of Border Ballads by Fitzwilliam Elliot, page 8.
  • ... more soon.

Maps of Elliot Lands in c.1600:

Area of Scotland


Details of Elliot Lands in 1600

Elliot Crest

Boldly and Rightly

Clan Chief

Clan Chief Margaret Eliott
Chief Margaret Eliott
Margaret of Redheugh
Roxburghshire TD9 0SB