24 August 2017

The next Elliot Clan gathering at Redheugh in Scotland - put this in your diaries and start planning to be there!

2017 Clan Gathering Program

The program for the 2017 Elliot Clan Gathering has been announced. You can find the details at http://www.elliotclan.com/events/2017-elliot-clan-gathering/ .

The Gathering will run from 24-27 August 2017 at Redheugh, our Clan Chief's residence outside Newcastleton, Scotland. 

In 2013 there were about 15 Australian representatives at the Gathering; let's try to get more than that next year. It is a great weekend.


Welcome to the Elliot Clan (Australia) Website

The official Elliot Clan Society website is a virtual gathering place for all Elliots, Elliotts, Eliotts, Eliots and anyone else who is interested in the Clan's history. The society has several international branches and members can be found all over the world.

This is the website of the Australian branch of the Elliot Clan Society.


Elliot Crest

Boldly and Rightly

Clan Chief

Clan Chief Margaret Eliott
Chief Margaret Eliott
Margaret of Redheugh
Roxburghshire TD9 0SB

Collie Gathering

14 October 2017 - the inaugural gathering of the Elliot Clan in Australia.

Click here to go to the website for the latest information.

2016 Events

No events
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Book for Sale

The society has copies of the book "Clan", by David P. Elliot for sale for $18. If you would like to order it, please send us an email.


The story draws heavily on the Clan system in Scotland in a very turbulent period in The Borders. It includes both contemporary and historical information which will interest those who enjoy supernatural or historical or thriller genres.

David Elliot is 57, frustrated, out of work and has three failed marriages behind him. In 2007 he goes to the Borders of Scotland hoping that his ancestry will help him find some validation of his life. Accompanied by his daughter, son-in-law and his grandson Thomas, he finds that his bloodline leads his family into terrifying danger. 700 years of history threaten those he holds dearest, as myth and reality of “The Bloodiest Valley in Britain” combine.

The corruption of the rich and powerful meets legend as Good and Evil clash over the ancient Throne of Scotland and power in the modern world. William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Border Reivers, creatures of supernatural horror and past heroes of the Elliot Clan are all involved, as the evil Lord William de Soulis actions his plan to assume power over an unsuspecting world.

All that stands against him is a family fighting desperately to protect a child. Their only weapon is their love of family… the power of their Clan.